Dog ate homework

Homework in 207!


    Students will have homework each night Monday through Thursday.  You will find once we get started, that assignments are quite predictable. Usually, students are asked to complete a spelling and/or reading activity along with either a math or grammar assignment.  I also ask that students spend 20 minutes nightly reading and filling out a reading log. Reading logs go home on Monday and are due each Friday. Students are asked to write a few sentences about what they have read. Several different prompts are listed on the top of the reading log to get students thinking in a different manner rather than simply summarizing what they have been reading. You will see what I mean once we get started!
    While I know that it can sometimes be daunting, homework teaches responsibility and is designed to be a review of skills learned throughout the day.  If for some reason your child experiences extreme frustration while completing an assignment, don't torture them or yourselves!  Please just write me a note on the assignment or in their planner, and I'll help them the following day.  In addition, homework should not take more than an hour to an hour and a half.  Contact me if your child is struggling to complete their homework in a timely manner.  I am sure we can work together to help them be successful.