Hints and Tips for our incoming 9th grade families

  • a list put together by asking questions of our more 'experienced' families on Facebook

    Hints and Tips for our incoming 9th grade families

    We put this together last year on facebook, does anyone have any suggestions for things to add, that you really wish you had known back in September? Or any changes/updates to the information below, come find us on facebook or twitter and let us know!
    Take a deep breath now, the next four years will zoom past!
    • Before school starts:
      · Walk your child’s schedule with them in August/September (before school starts), that way you will be able to find your way around for open house.
      · Find your locker; you will have the same one for all 4 years. You can only request a change once in those 4 years (maybe to somewhere near your bus stop).
      · Help your student to find their House Office, Guidance Counselors and the Attendance Office (to check in/out for late arrival/early pick up and absences).
      · Like middle school, it will take your student a while to learn the best route to each class.
      · There is usually an evening orientation meeting for parents at the end of august, followed the next morning by an orientation morning with the link crew for the freshmen. They should be shown the important offices – nurse, house, guidance, sign in/out, but probably won’t get time to walk schedules


    •  Supplies
      · There is no 9th grade supply list, but if any teacher wants anything specific, they will ask for it on the first day of class.
      · It is left up to the individual students as to whether they prefer folders or binders for each class.
      · AM and PM binders are useful, and can color code with folders for each class.
      · Students may get a homework planner in 9th grade, but not for the other 3 years.


    •  Other things
      · Plan in advance 'pick up’ locations for sports and after school clubs/academics, it is easier than driving around school when it is crazy busy!
      · Look for students wearing Link Crew t-shirts the first day of school, they are friendly faces who will steer freshmen in the right direction.
      · if you are picking up your child for an appointment, you need to have them drop off a note at attendance in the morning with a reachable phone number. The school will call you to confirm (usually by 8am) and you don't have to go in to sign your child out, just wait out front. It is your child’s responsibility to then tell the teacher what time they have to leave and do so quietly to not disturb the class, go to attendance to get release pass, and meet you outside.
      · Don’t forget parents to check the website frequently, things don’t get sent home very often any more.
      · Attending PTSA meetings will help with finding out what is happening as AHS
      · Home Room is period 3. Daily announcements are done via a video and are shared on the AHS website homepage.
      · The school day is divided into 8 periods
      · There are 4 cafeterias – Café A, B, C and D. Cafes A and B are near the front of school, C and D are near the back. The students choose which one to use depending on which is convenient for their classes.
      · Both parents and students are welcome to get involved in the small schools committee for that grade and help plan events.
    • Following your child’s house office on Twitter can be a great way to get information. There are also many other accounts related to the school to follow like the sports account, the Arlingtonian, and various administrators. (Hint: Dr. Lyons’ and Mr. Fredricks’ exchanges are hilarious sometimes.) But also various teachers share insightful articles, etc.


    •  Gym
      · Find out early in the year when the gym make up classes are, they tend to be before or after school.
      · Gym class HAS to be made up if it is missed for any reason, e.g. instrument lessons, trips or absences from school
      · If you don’t make up for missed gym classes, the student’s grade will suffer!
      · You will need a lock for your gym locker