Third-Grade Recorder

  • * As of now, we will not be doing recorder this year (2021-2022). If this changes, a letter will be sent home. 


    Welcome to third-grade recorder! Here are some common questions that are asked during these few months:

    How often should my students practice?
    Students should practice ten minutes per day between each music class. 

    Why do I ask my students to buy two recorders?
    I ask my students to buy two recorders so that they can keep one recorder at school for class and one recorder at home for practice. This lessens the amount of items that students need to remember to bring to music class. 

    What do my students need to bring to music class?
    My students need to bring their recorder folder with the music that I give them on the first day of class. 

    How can you help your student at home?
    I give my students helpful packets and fingering charts to keep in their folder that they can use at home. Feel free to read through this information to learn alongside them!

    If you have more questions or need extra help, please contact me or check out these links for more activities:

    Recorder Fingering Chart


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