• Welcome to Global I with Mr. Schmitt and Mrs. Irvin. This year will be a challenging one, as we study and compare cultures throughout world history. Through social, political, economic, religious and military analysis, students will be able to evaluate their own place in a diverse world that is constantly becoming more interconnected. All students will have an equal opportunity to grow intellectually and socially in this safe classroom environment.

  • Basic Class Rules: Do the little things well

    1. NO PHONES—Classrooms are RED ZONES. No cell phones, smart phones, tablets, head phones or ear buds. Use charging stations or put them away.  Parents will be contacted and students will be referred to office for non-compliance.
    2. Bell-to-Bell - be present, be on time. Cuts and repeated lateness will result in contact home and referrals.
    3. Be Prepared - bring proper materials to class
    4. Stay Seated - don’t wander, don’t pack up early, DO NOT STAND NEAR DOOR.
    5. Respect - give some to get some. Being rude, disrespectful, noncompliant or using foul language will result in contact home and referrals.
  • Class Grading: Grading is based on exams, quizzes, essays, homework and class work. All areas are considered based on weighted percentages in the final average of a student.

    • All submitted work should be done in blue or black pen, pencil or typed if instructed
    • Tests, quizzes and essays make up the majority of your grade - 70%
    • Classwork and homework are assigned daily - 30%
    • If you are caught cheating or copying work, you will be given a zero for that assignment. That includes pictures on a phone.
    • Late work can be turned in for full credit during the unit that we are on. Late assignments after a unit ends can be turned in for half credit.