• 8/7/2019

    This year, there is a resource room for Impact students who do not attend any self-contained academic classes. The goals of the resource room are to support student organization, teach study skills, and assist students to meet middle school social and academic expectations.

    A resource room is a pass/fail class, so the grade will not affect the student's overall grade point average. There are no graded assignments. The comments on the report card should coordinate with the progress reports from the student's IEP, and are most useful in following student progress.

    I will keep in contact with students' teachers so I know how they are doing in class, especially as it relates to the student's IEP goals. 

    Parents can support their children by checking Parent Portal for assignment grades they have questions about, especially if there is a zero entered for an assignment, which tells us that the student didn't hand anything in for that assignment.

    I prefer to use email to contact parents unless there is an emergency, so please let me know if this doesn't work for you. I can also make phone calls at the end of the school day, if you prefer. Just let me know.


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