Navigate the links and files below for Global I Review work at home.

  • Assignment 1: Zheng He Article Zheng He 

    From our current unit (unit 7) - Decide if Chinese Explorer Zheng He was a Peaceful Ambassador or an Imperial Aggressor 


    Assignment 2:  Enduring Issues Practice and Chart Enduring Issues Practice and Chart

    From our current unit (unit 7) - Use the five documents to complete the enduring issues chart.  Focus on finding the Main Ideas, Enduring Issues, Related Topic, and Additional/Outside Information.


    Assignment 3: Enduring Issues Practice Enduring Issues Unit 1

    From Unit 1 - Practice your Enduring Issues skills with the Neolithic Revolution 


    Assignment 4: CRQ Practice River Valley Civilizations CRQ

    From Unit 2 - Practice your CRQ Skills with this River Valley Civilizations assignment


    Assignment 5: Multiple Choice Practice Q's Review Questions

    From Unit 1 and 2:  Try your hand at a half dozen multiple choice questions from earlier in the school year


    Assignment 6:  Religions Review Packet Religions Review Packet

    From our first 5 units - Explore the basics of the major relgions and belief systems that we studied this year.  There are a few questions at the end to help you navigate the information.  


    Assignment 7:  Mansa Musa Refresher Mansa Musa

    From Unit 6:  Take another look at Mansa Musa and his impact on West Africa 


    Assignment 8:  Greece and Rome Jeopardy Greece and Rome Jeopardy

    From Unit 3: Play a fun review game with this interactive powerpoint on Greece and Rome.  


    Review:  Quizlet (Units 1-7). Search for Schmirvin