Student Food Distribution

  • The Arlington Food Service Department will be making school lunch and breakfast available to our students starting on September 10. Bagged “meal kits” that include both lunch and breakfast are available for any student who would like one.

    These meal kits are free for any student who is eligible for Free or Reduced Meals. For all other students, the cost to purchase the meal kit (which includes lunch and breakfast) is as follows: Elementary $4.70, Middle School $4.85, High School is $5.00

    Beginning Thursday, September 10, families can pick up meal kits at the entrance of every Arlington school from 10:30am until 2:00pm.

    In order to receive these meals, either a student or their parent/guardian must provide the student’s name, student ID number, and the school they attend for each meal kit. A student name and ID number are required. Please note that we can only provide one kit per student ID. Student accounts will be charged accordingly. There is no charge for students who are eligible for Free and Reduced Meals.

    Applications for Free and Reduced Meals for the 2020/2021 school year are available at the link below. We will have paper copies available during meal distribution.

    Free and Reduced Lunch Applications

    Meal kits will include a bagged lunch and a breakfast bag (for the next morning) to go.

    Lunch bag example (one of each):

    • A sandwich (turkey and cheese, ham and cheese, or peanut butter and jelly).
    • A fresh fruit each day
    • A vegetable selection each day
    • Choice of Milk (1% white or nonfat chocolate).

    Breakfast bag will include (one of each):

    • A whole grain option i.e. bagel or cereal choice.
    • A yogurt.
    • A juice.
    • A 1% white milk if cereal is chosen.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this program, please contact Mr. Mark Hicks, Director of Food Services, at

    Mark Hicks