Google Classroom Information and Resources

  • Google Classroom is the primary interface through which remote learning takes place.

    To ‘join’ a class, your child first needs to access their Google account on

    Students will need to sign-in to their account with their school username ( and password.

    Login credentials
    Student login credentials can be found in the Parent Portal. The student’s username is in the Eye Color field and the password is in the Hair Color field. Please note: you need to add the to the username to login.

    Login Example

    Once in the Google Classroom, enrolled classes are listed on the main screen. When you click on a class, lessons, assignments, deadlines, courses, etc. are listed for each teacher.

    Teachers can set up their Google Classroom accounts to send parents automated 
    weekly reports which outline student assignments and status.

    For additional support in using Google Classroom, please access the following pages:

    ACSD Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom

    Google Classroom Help Center

    Google Classroom Video Tutorial for Students and Parents

    Learn at Home