• Date:  March 23, 2021

    Subject:  Senior Parking and CAPE Teen Driving Course

    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

    In order to park at Arlington High School, senior students and a parent or guardian together must complete a virtual course called Teen Driving: A Family Affair, offered by CAPE of Dutchess County.  All Dutchess County schools have this requirement to park on their campuses.  If you plan to park at the school, this course is mandatory and is only offered for a  limited time.  Please see the CAPE Teen Driving Parent Letter here, which includes information for signing up and registering. 

    IMPORTANT:  Please note, the opportunity to register AND take this course is limited to May 7, 2021 through May 13, 2021.   There will not be an additional offering until the fall, so parking for the beginning of the 21-22 school year will require this workshop to be completed during the time frame above.  Even if you are not sure or likely not parking at school, we encourage all to take this course as an important safe driving message.  

    The CAPE Teen Driving Parent Letter, along with How to Register for Teen Driving Online and Teen Driving Online Frequently Asked Questions are all found on the AHS website in the Senior Student Parking Information, Application, tab under QuickLinks.

    After the CAPE program, the 2021-22 Senior Parking Application will be posted, which requires CAPE verification as well as other information.  More information to come, however the CAPE program is mandatory for parking application approval.  Please reach out with any questions.  


    Todd A. Richard

    AHS House Principal, Class of 2022


    (845) 486-4860 x31127

      Teen Driving Online Registration FAQs

    Teen Driving 2021 Parent Letter

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