• In the Arlington Central School District, K-5 teachers implement a balanced literacy approach. The balanced literacy approach is based on a gradual release of responsibility between teacher and student.  ACSD K-5 teachers received training and coaching support in the balanced literacy approach from Generation Ready.  ACSD teachers are focused on the following when teaching students how to read and write: understanding literacy learning, knowing the standards, knowing their students as learners, setting high expectations for students and encouraging risk taking, using a flexible range of teaching strategies, and engaging students in challenging content.  To read more about this approach and Generation Ready, click here.

    gradual release

    To teach the New York State Standards in English Language Arts, K-5 ACSD teachers use a workshop curriculum. A workshop method is focused on turning children into lifelong, confident readers and writers who display agency and independence.  ACSD K-5 teachers receive training and support from Teachers College Reading and Writing Project trainers each school year.  All teachers utilize the Units of Study in Reading and Writing to do the following:  address each child's individual learning; explicitly teach reading strategies, support small-group work and conferring with students about their reading and writing; build choice and assessment-based learning into the design of the curriculum; and, focus students on independent engagement with reading and writing work.  To read more about this method, and the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, click here.

    To provide instruction to K-5 students in word work (i.e. phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, high-frequency words, vocabulary), ACSD has provided its teachers with training and resources in a variety of programs in response to the different routines, structures, and strategies that are effective for individual children.  These programs include: Words Their Way, Teachers College Units of Study in Phonics, and Fundations.  Click on the icons below to learn more about each resource.

    wtw                      tcuosphonics               fundations


    In addition to keyboarding skills, ACSD teachers have received training and resources in Handwriting Without Tears.  All K-2 students receive instruction in print.  Exposure to cursive writing instruction is provided in grade 2.  Students may continue to receive cursive handwriting instruction in grades 3-4, and may be provided with independent cursive handwriting practice in grade 5.  The goal of handwriting and keyboarding instruction in the elementary grades is to provide students with an array of output skills they may choose to use over their school years when producing writing.  To learn more about the programs being implemented in the ACSD, click on the icons below.

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