Topics we will explore this year are focused on the three main branches of earth science: astronomy (space), meteorology (weather), and geology (rocks)

    We will also learn about the impacts humans have on the non-living environment 

  • Daily Required Supplies

    These supplies will be used daily. Please reach out if you cannot get a binder or notebook, I have extras that can be provided if needed.

    • 1" Binder With Loose Leaf OR Single Subject Notebook And Folder (student preference)

      • Alternatively, students can have a larger binder or notebook shared with multiple classes.

      • If students have a single subject binder or notebook, it can be left in the classroom to keep their backpack light. 

    • Chromebook (provided by the school)

    • Pens and/or pencils 

    • Index Cards (keep at home until needed)

      • Creating flash cards will be assigned as homework periodically for vocabulary terms to help prepare for the regents. 



    Suggested Supplies 

    These supplies are available in the classroom, but students can get their own if they prefer.

    • Colored Pencils

    • Highlighters

    • Glue Stick

    • White Out

    • Ruler

  • Night Sky