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Algebra 1B

  • Welcome to Algebra 1B Common Core. This is the second year of the two year Algebra 1 Common Core curriculum. Major units of study for this course will be: Exponents and Exponential functions,  Quadratics including factoring, graphing, and completing the square, as well as Statistics. Students will take the Algebra 1 Common Core Regents exam in June as their final exam. Passing this exam is a graduation requirement. 

    Extra help with Mrs. DeJesus-Decena is available Thursdays after school in room 2120. Extra help sessions will run from 2:20-3:00pm. Additional help  is available from math teachers in the Math Learning Center (MLC) in room 1450 during every period of the day. Extra help with Ms. Sharp is available Wednesdays after school in room 1412.


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