Free and Reduced Meals FAQs

  • My child was on the program last year.  Do I have to apply again?  A current application must be completed each school year.

    How does the cashier know my child gets a free or reduced price meal?  All students use their PIN #’s for all transactions.  Once your child’s application has been approved for free and reduced price meals, the computer register will automatically adjust the price of the student’s complete meal.

    What if my student forgets their PIN #?  If a student forgets his/her PIN #, they should ask to speak to the cafeteria manager, who will be able to assist them.

    What will my child eat on the free and reduced meals program?  Students who have been approved for the free or reduced price meal program may choose the complete meal that is offered each day.

    What is a complete meal?  A complete meal is our offering as indicated on the weekly menu, including servings of protein, bread, vegetable, fruit and milk.  Students may choose any one of the several entrée items offered each day, along with a serving of fruit, vegetable and milk.  Federal guidelines dictate that the student must take a fruit or a vegetable to qualify as a complete meal.  We can offer this complete meal because it is subsidized by the federal government to keep meal prices low to students.  If a student wants additional items, or a second lunch, he or she is charged accordingly.

    What if my child wants just milk or a snack?  Students may purchase individual items at a la carte prices at any time.  Only the complete meal qualifies as the free or reduced price lunch.  The Arlington Food Service Department strongly encourages all students to eat well-balanced healthy meals for both breakfast and lunch.

    How do I put money into my student’s account for a la carte items or snacks?  You may send a check or cash with your student to give directly to the cashier in the cafeteria or they may be sent to the address on the letterhead.  Checks should be made payable to “Arlington School Lunch Fund.”  Please write your child’s full name, PIN#, and grade on the check so we will be sure that it gets credited to the correct account.  Credit and debit card payments are also accepted through our on-line prepayment system at