SchoolMessenger App Questions & Answers

  • How do I make sure that I receive important information from Arlington schools and the district office?

    As we move to reduce the number of district mailings and paper notices we send home, we will be sending more information via email through SchoolMessenger. Make sure that you are accepting general messages through email and DO NOT block your email address or unsubscribe from receiving emails from SchoolMessenger. 

    How do I select my preferred method of communication?

    • Web Portal: Click the preferences link at the top. If you do not wish to receive calls for AM closings or delays, make sure you turn those notifications off.  
    • APP: Click the menu icon (top left) and select "Preferences".  If you do not wish to receive calls for AM closings or delays, make sure you turn those notifications off.

    How do I add my phone numbers, email addresses, and text messaging to the App?

    You will be able to add additional phone numbers and email addresses in the App by going to Preferences and clicking the Add More (plus sign) button on the right side of your screen.

    When I signed into the App, I don’t have the Preferences link available. What does that mean?

    In order to manage your preferences in the SchoolMessenger App, you must have an email address in SchoolTool. If you have a SchoolTool (Parent) Portal account, make sure you are using the email associated with your SchoolTool account.

    In order to register for the SchoolTool Portal, complete the registration form.  For security purposes, parents must return the form in person to their child's school.  Please bring a driver's license or photo ID. If you have children in more than one school, you can list all of your children on one form and return the form to whichever school is more convenient. If you have any questions about this process, or if you live out of town, please contact the SchoolTool Portal Help Desk at

    If you are downloading the App on the iPhone, the App opens before it is fully downloaded. This may cause a delay in your preferences showing in the App. Please log out, wait 15 minutes, and then log back into the App. 

    IMPORTANT – SMS text messages!

    To receive text message you must check the Send Text button for each cell phone in the App. If you have registered for the App and see your contacts listed, but do not see the option for adding text messaging to you cell phone, you can also subscribe using the SchoolMessenger short code. Simply text the word, subscribe, to 67587. That’s it! You’ve completed the opt-in process.


    How do I get push notifications?

    Go to “Settings” and turn push notifications on.

    Where can I get help with the App?

    Please visit the Help section within the SchoolMessenger App (currently found on the web portal only at send an email to

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