Amazon School Rewards

  • ACSD SEPTA receives a percentage of referral orders placed through the SEPTA website. It’s simple – whenever you shop Amazon just make sure to visit the SEPTA website first and click on one of the banners. It’s that easy. So bookmark this page and come back often!

Funding Factory - ongoing

  • ACSD SEPTA is participating with the Funding Factory Recycling Program!  This fundraiser is FREE and simple because there’s nothing to sell, no paperwork to fill out and no deadline.Just donate your empty printer cartridges, cell phones, small electronics (ipods/MP3, digital cameras, GPS) and even laptops to ACSD SEPTA and we’ll take it from there! Bring them to a meeting or contact your PTA Rep to do the exchange. It’s that simple. You can even print out a flyer and encourage other people to participate.

    See the flyer

The Watering Can - ongoing

  • You’d be surprised how quickly all that change adds up! At every SEPTA meeting we bring the watering can so meeting visitors can get rid of all those nickels and dimes (and quarters!) and help water our growing SEPTA program. Of course, you can always send a donation to the watering can and we’ll make sure to drop it into the bucket for you!

    Water Our Knowledge With Some Change. If We Don’t…Who Will?

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