• Getting involved with SEPTA is a great way to network with other parents in the Arlington School District while helping to develop valuable events and programs within our community. There are several ways to get involved, so you can choose the volunteer opportunities that fit your style and schedule. Volunteering for SEPTA gives you a chance to:

    • Meet parents within the ACSD Community
    • Contribute to the growth of a valuable community organization
    • Serve as a role model and make a difference in children’s lives
    • Try something new.
    • Sharpen your own leadership skills
    • Share your Knowledge and experience with others.
    SEPTA Needs You!    
    Volunteer Today!

    ACSD SEPTA is a new organization that urgently needs volunteers to help build and execute the many programs and offerings we are pursuing. Providing these programs is critical for parents, students and teachers to understand the best ways to work with children of different learning styles and abilities. Get involved in a small way for just one event or steal the show with a major position! It’s up to you!

    Some of the ways you can volunteer:

    SEPTA School Liaisons

    Represent SEPTA at school PTA meetings, share SEPTA updates & events, help to promote SEPTA within your school and report back to SEPTA on school activities, concerns or questions.There are many Liaison positions that need coverage. Check here to see if your school has an available opening.

    Membership Support

    Encourage parents, teachers, and staff to become members of SEPTA, maintain an accurate list of members, coordinate membership paperwork, arrange for SEPTA representatives to be present at open houses, circulate membership forms and report back to SEPTA on membership statistics.

    Meeting Coordination

    Work with President, Officers, and Committee Chairs to communicate and coordinate presentation needs with speakers, coordinate day-of event details, obtain and complete building use forms to secure meeting space, arrange for signage and materials, etc.

    Support Group Coordinator

    Plan and facilitate Parent Support Group meetings throughout the ACSD School District region including identifying and reserving meeting space, working with Officers to promote dates, attend meetings, establish topics, maintain attendance, etc.

    Resource and Research

    Review educational news items, bulletins, and alerts from the National, NY State, and local PTA offices. Identify local & national community resources, events, articles and knowledge sources and coordinate distribution and posting to website.

    Fundraising Support

    Support Officers to develop and execute on individual fundraising activities for ACSD SEPTA, distribute event information throughout community, contact the media, solicit event sponsors, coordinate day-of event details, etc.


    Support and coordinate refreshments for meetings, speaker gifts, event refreshment needs, identify vendors, setup and tear down events, pick up/drop off items, etc. Volunteer for one event or many – it’s entirely up to you!

    Program Coordination

    Work with President, Officers and Committee Chairs to identify, develop and execute on educational, recreational and support programs for students, teachers and parents throughout the ACSD School District.

    District Reps

    Represent SEPTA at Board of Education and/or PTA Council meetings and report back to SEPTA on important updates, votes, policy changes, etc.

    If you are interested in any of the above roles, or even just to ask what we need help with currently, please email us, acsdsepta@gmail.com