Math 8-4

  • Mrs.J's Math 8 Class

    Where we are free to discover and explore how our world and mathematics relate!

    Be ready to think creatively, work with determination, and never fear the unknown!

    productive struggle

Math 8: Periods 6,7,9

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Important Test Dates

  • Dates for NYS Assessment and Regents Exams

    NYS Math Assessment

    April 21-23, 2020 (scientific calc required)

    Algebra 1CC Regents Exam

    June 18, 2020 (afternoon)

About Me

Mrs. Tracey Jaehnert

Phone: 845-486-4880 ext. 70269


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Tracey Jaehnert

I have to say I truly love teaching. Everyday is exciting and new! 
I have dual certification, N-6 and 7-12 mathematics. Although I 
have taught various grade levels throughout the middle and high school 
level, I have been teaching 8th grade for more than 20 years.

Mission for the class:
I hope to inspire my students to see math not as something to be learned from a textbook, but to be lived and experienced everyday. I hope to inspire them to think beyond the usual, to try new things and to learn never to give up no matter how difficult the challenge.