Staff Resources for Anxiety, Work/Life Balance & Social Isolation

  • In an effort to address social emotional learning and mental health during the Coronavirus pandemic, the district created a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) / Mental Health Task Force.  The task force was composed of students, staff, a Board of Education member, and parents who met throughout July and August 2020.  Areas of focus included:

    • Assessment of mental health and social-emotional wellbeing of students and staff
    • Formulate recommendations for the District Reentry Team
    • Create and/or cultivate resources to support SEL / Mental Health

    The Social Emotional Learning / Mental Health task force worked in two committees. One committee focused on student and family needs and the other committee focused on faculty and staff needs.  Surveys were developed and implemented to assess staff, student, and family wellbeing and needs.  Results were analyzed and recommendations to the Superintendent were made.  

    Based on the survey data for our faculty and staff the SEL / Mental Health Task Force collaborated to create a set of resources for staff to address three areas: anxiety, work-life balance, and social isolation.  The importance of having resources, supporting community, and promoting ‘self care’, will help our staff be better prepared to address the unique challenges that we face as we work to support students.

    Work/Life Balance
    Social Isolation