• Students and staff are encouraged to wash their hands as follows:  

    • Upon entering the building and classrooms  
    • After sharing objects or surfaces  
    • Before and after snacks and meals  
    • After using the bathroom  
    • After helping a student with toileting  
    • After sneezing, wiping, or blowing nose or coughing into hands  
    • Anytime hands are visibly soiled 

    At times when hand washing is not available, students and staff may use a hand sanitizer. In order for the sanitizer to be effective it must contain a minimum of 60% ethanol or 70% isopropyl alcohol. Hand sanitizing dispensers will be located at the entrance of large group gathering areas such as cafeterias and gymnasiums as well as throughout the buildings.

    Handwashing Tips

    Teaching Handwashing to Young Children

    Handwashing: Clean Hands Save Lives (CDC)

    Handwashing Posters 

    Students will find these handwashing posters in classrooms and school bathrooms. You can print them out for your home.

    Handwashing Step-by-Step

    Handwashing - Boy Superhero

    Handwashing - Girl Superhero

    Handwashing - Adults

    Superhero poster

Handwashing Videos



    Handwashing PSA