• On Wednesday, March 10, 2021 AHS Student Equity Association hosted its first ever Spring Equity Conference! This year’s conference welcomed over 500 registrants in 6 student led and student created workshops! The intention of the conference was to engage the community in action-based participation around the following 6 Workshops. Click on each link below to view the video recorded workshops: 

    ·         Your Words Have Power: Hate Speech and Microaggressions

    ·         Uncovering & Addressing Implicit Bias: Race, Culture, and Stereotypes

    ·         LGBTQIA+ Conversations on Identity & Allyship

    ·         The Experience & Expression of Gender: Gender and Toxic Masculinity 

    ·         Crossroads: Unpacking Religious Discrimination and Bias & Promoting Interfaith Cooperation

    ·         Water WarsThe Global Inequity Crisis of the World’s Most Precious Resource

    Each workshop ran LIVE on Zoom in double sessions (45 minutes each). Participants of the conference included school districts from across the Mid-Hudson Valley region. A number of local, regional, and national organizations joined us as well, including the Anti-Defamation League, the Commission on Human Rights of Dutchess County, The Jewish Federation of Dutchess County, and members of Dutchess BOCES. Last and certainly not least, members of the Arlington Central School District were well represented during the conference including members of the Board of Education, central office administration, and faculty & staff throughout all Arlington schools.

    Recognition of this event belongs to all the students who planned and presented their workshops during the conference—the response has been an overwhelming level of support for the students and the Equity Programs at Arlington High School.