• The AHS Student Equity Association hosted a Panel Discussion on January 28, 2021. ACSD community members submitted several questions for the panelists. The 10 questions below were the final 10 questions selected for discussion. Enjoy!

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    ·         What’s the purpose of equity in schools?

    ·         In your view what is the most misunderstood principle of equity? And can you also speak about the role that privilege plays in equity?

    ·         Would you agree that everyone and no one owns the work of equity? Why or why not?

    ·         What is the most important work schools should currently be engaging in to address inequities?

    ·         What do you think is the biggest challenge toward enacting equitable change?

    ·         How are stereotypes created? What role does bias play in creating stereotypes? And can you also speak to the differences between implicit and explicit bias?

    ·         How can we best understand microaggressions? How do we stop them?

    ·         What are some of the mental health impacts of stereotyping, microaggressions, bias?

    ·         What is the role of poverty in creating and perpetuating inequity?

    ·         What are the first steps someone can take toward the work of equity? 10 years from now, what would signify equitable change?