COVID-19 Staff Vaccination Status

  • Dear Colleagues,

    Thank you to anyone who has already provided your vaccination information to SchoolFront. If you have already provided this information, you can disregard this message. There is no need to upload the information again.

    If you have NOT provided your vaccination status in SchoolFront, we have included the orignal email message below so that you can complete this information by October 1.

    In additon, we have created a Vaccination Status Frequently Asked Questions based on some of the inquiries we have received to date.

    You should have received an email notice that you have a new process form in SchoolFront.  This SchoolFront form is being used to collect vaccination status information from all employees.  If you tell the District you are vaccinated, you will be asked to upload a photo of the front of your vaccination card. 

    All non-vaccinated employees (and those choosing not to disclose their vaccination status) will need to complete the form as well. These employees will be required to submit weekly testing data once the district has contracted with a vendor.   

    Please note that all employees must complete this process form by October 1, 2021.

    Please complete the following steps:

    1. Login to your account on SchoolFront at
    2. Click on the word “Process” under the column titled “Items Requiring Your Attention”
    3. Click on the gray magnifying glass next to the form name “COVID Vaccination Form”
    4. The screen will split into two parts. On the bottom half of the screen, click on the word “Review”
    5. Complete all information on the right side,  including the upload of the front of your vaccination card (if applicable). Please only upload .pdf (preferred) or .jpeg files.
    6. Click “Save Changes”
    7. Under the information, click the “Approve” button and then sign your name in the red box.
    8. Click “Save” under the red signature box to submit the form.

    Following the above-mentioned steps will complete the first phase of the District’s efforts to comply with the new mandates.  The next phase (to begin around October 1) will involve collecting weekly testing data from employees who are not vaccinated and those employees who are vaccinated, but wish to be tested weekly.  

    Please note:  If your vaccination status changes after completing the form (i.e., you decide to get vaccinated), please contact Hilary Roberto at or me at We will issue you a new process form.