Arlington Strategic Plan

  • Our Mission is to empower all students to be self-directed lifelong learners,  
    who willingly contribute to their community, and lead passionate, purposeful lives.

    Core Values

    We believe that:

    • All people have inherent value.
    • Lifelong learning is essential for growth.
    • A community thrives when all members embrace their interdependence with compassion and empathy.
    • Potential can only be attained through commitment, resilience, and high expectations.
    • All people can learn.
    • Change is essential for progress.
    • All people are responsible for their choices and actions.


    We will:

    • Develop systems that are clear and consistently applied across the organization that promote interdependence, efficiency, and trust in order to support and contribute to our strategic objectives and mission.
    • Develop trusting, collaborative, interdependent relationships and empower all employees to understand, support, and contribute to our strategic objectives and mission.

    Strategic Objectives

    By 2018:

    • Each student will continually pursue new knowledge, deeper understanding, or skill in a topic of their interest.
    • Each student will continually and willingly contribute to their community.
    • Each student will demonstrate initiative, responsibility, and action toward a goal of their choosing.

    Strategic Delimiters

    We will not:

    • Adopt any new program or service unless it is:
      • Aligned with and contributes to our mission.
      • Accompanied by the resources needed for its effective implementation.
    • Allow past experience or tradition to prevent consideration of new ideas.

    Strategic Plan - Printable Version

    Arlington Central School District
    Strategic Plan
    Adopted by BOE 1/8/13