About Me

Ms. Maribel Pregnall

Phone: 845-486-4860 ext. 70467


Degrees and Certifications:

BA Biology, Smith College MS Environmental Science, Bard College National Board Certification and Recertification

Ms. Maribel Pregnall

Who Is Mrs. Pregnall?
I have been at Arlington High School for 29 years and I love Arlington. I cannot imagine teaching anywhere else. I went to Smith college where I received a BA in Biology and then I worked on whale research for 
a few years. I went to graduate school at the Oregon Institute of Marine biology and Bard College where I received my MS in Environmental Science. I also went to Vassar College where I received my New York State secondary education teacher certification.

I still participate in research projects. In fact I am presently studying the endangered Blandings turtles that live on our school property. For fun, I love to SCUBA dive and hike. In 2015 I became approximately the 7,000th person in the world to become a 46er!! (note: a 46er is a person who has hiked all the 46 high peaks in New York state)

I live in Arlington and my kids have benefitted from being is this district. I have 2 kids, 1 cat, 1 dog and 
4 snakes, 7 frogs, 1 turtle, and dozens of fish. You will soon meet many of these creatures in the Arlington Aquarium Room.

This is what I believe in!
I have been a science teacher for 29 years and I believe science is a 
creative process that continually changes and develops over time. It is 
never static. There is so much to learn about the world we live in. I feel 
teaching not only gives me an opportunity to share my love of science with 
students, but it also enables me to learn new things on a continual basis. I have never thought of teaching as a job, but rather a fascinating journey 
that exposes me to new discoveries and novel ways of thinking on a daily 
basis. This is what I strive to pass on to my own students. I want my AP 
Biology, Marine Biology and Research students to explore myriad challenges, 
gather and analyze data, and continually ask new questions. 

 It is quite clear to me that we do not know everything in science. I want my students to realize how much we don?t know, and more importantly, I want to give my students the tools to find their own answers to new questions and to make their own new discoveries. 

I post my materials for the classroom on Google Classroom.  If you would like the passcode to view materials for your child, please email me at mpregnall@acsdny.org.