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Lucille Ogden

Arlington High School has been Mrs. Ogden's home away from home since 1990, when she completed her student teaching and then started full time in the Arlington High School English Department in 1991. During her time at Arlington, Mrs. Ogden has taught English for all grades nine through twelve. For many years, she worked as the advisor to the Admiral Players Drama Club, the Horizon Improv Club, and the Everness Creative Writing club. Currently, Mrs. Ogden is the coordinator of the Arlington High School English Department and teaches English 101 and English 102 (concurrent enrollment classes with Dutchess Community College). Lastly, since 2002, Mrs. Ogden has worked as an adjunct at Dutchess Community College, and since 2009 has also worked as an adjunct at the Culinary Institute of America. Northern Pleasant Valley is where she makes her home with her husband and their two children.