First Week of School

  • Welcome to

    Union Vale Middle School!

    Sept. 6, 2022

    Are you excited about the first days of school? I know I am!  This is a year of change for all of us :)  You are beginning at a new school and will be meeting new people.  I am starting a new role here at UVMS and will be teaching the Math Intervention class called Math 6+. I have worked as a team teacher in the past and am very excited to work with you in this new role.

    During the first two days we will spend time getting to know each other and learning about the routines of middle school.

    PLEASE do NOT bring all of your supplies on the first day of school!  

    You will be assigned a locker during 9th period on the first day of school.  All you need to bring on the first day is:

    • your chromebook
    • your combination lock
    • a pen and a pencil
    • a notebook to jot notes you might need to remember and
    • a positive attitude :) 

    Love Math