• Hello Outstanding Beginning and Advanced Orchestra Students!

     I wanted to provide you with important information:

    Please click on the link to the left for your specific grade level play along videos and documents.

    It is important to continue to practice your instrument and record your practice. We still have a concert to prepare for in May!!!

    1. I realize that tuning your instrument may be an issue. I have provided a worksheet under your grade level page that explains how to use the fine tuners on your instrument using a tuning app. Please remember that you should NOT turn the PEGS (at the top of your instrument). I would recommend only trying to tune if really necessary! Don’t try until you know the strings really don’t sound correct. You can also just “air-bow” practice- I know that it stinks, but it is better than not doing anything- you will still be practicing the correct fingers and counting. There is a YouTube video at the bottom of the paper that is also basic and may help. You can also go to your rental company to be tuned if the strings are very loose.
    2. Under your grade level, there are some activities that I would like you to take a look at. It is most important that you play your instrument, but you may really enjoy some of the activities! Especially if you check out the improvisation worksheet. 

    Please email me any time with questions! My email is lregan@acsdny.org. I am also happy to share my personal phone number in special cases if necessary- please email me to let me know.

Welcome to Orchestra!

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Ms. Regan

Hello! :) I am the orchestra teacher at Joseph D'Aquanni West Road and Noxon Road Elementary; I also teach lessons at Arlington High School. I am excited to work with your children and I hope to help guide each one to successful music making. Performing on a string instrument is a wonderful, valuable, life changing experience for your child! Please do not hesitate to contact me about any questions that you may have!