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Mrs. Barbara Kurdziel

Phone: 845-635-4310


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S.Communications, Ithaca College, 1983 N-6 Elementary Ed Certification, 1986 SUNY New Paltz M.S. French K-9, Certification, 1992, SUNY New Paltz

Mrs. Barbara Kurdziel

Thanks for stopping by my Teacher page!

This is my 15th year at West Road. I have taught 5th grade for 7 years, 3rd  grade for 7 years and now...

I am a 4th grade teacher! This is the grade where I began back in 1986 (Poughkeepsie City Schools 1986-2003)

I have lived in Salt Point for 33 years minus a couple years abroad. My husband, Matt, and I

have three sons- Teddy-28, Buddy -24 & Will-22. We have two dogs, Riley & Rudy. 

We are going to have a very fun year! Fourth grade has lots of WONDERFUL opportunities for exploration!

I'm looking forward to the year with some new faces and some old friends. 


  • Here is a look at our morning routine. This is what we do practically EVERY morning. We're building good habits, one step at a time. 

    1. Arrive in classroom

    2. Unpack

    3. Copy planner for the day/week

    4. Grab Morning Math Minute

    5. Grab Speed Drill

    6. Order Lunch, if applicable


    8. Get started on Morning Work

    9. Morning Meeting to discuss our day

Nuts & Bolts


    1. If child remembers early enough, I can message you via Class Dojo to let you know and then you can...

    a. Drop off lunchbox/money, if your schedule permits

    b. Put money into lunch account online.


    c. Student can buy the menu item or A LA CARTE (if no lunchbox) and owe the lunch lady for the selected meal. 

    d. If I have the cash, I will loan it and then student can write an IOU/Mrs. K.  in his/her planner. 



    NO TREE NUTS/PEANUTS/NUTS/SHELLFISH OF ANY KIND will be allowed in our classroom!

    We have a student with a life threatening treenut/shellfish allergy and another student with a severe shellfish allergy in our classroom. Due to the severity of these allergies, we must take every precaution to make sure no nuts/shellfish come in to the class. With this in mind, please be aware that all snacks for SNACKTIME must be nut/shellfish free. Any nut items can be saved for lunchtime and should not be eaten in the classroom. 

    In addition, we will have a "nut free/shellfish free" table in the cafeteria. Students who have nuts/shellfish in their lunch will be expected to wash their hands and faces upon finishing their lunch. 



    Everyone loves to celebrate a birthday! Treats may be dropped off in the office before 12:00.

    Please no large sheet cakes- too messy and necessitates napkins/plates/forks, etc. 

    Feel free to send in cookies, cupcakes, packaged treats.

    Again- NO BAKED GOODS WITH TREE NUTS/NUTS for birthday treats Even if the student with the allergy chooses not to participate, we cannot risk any type of contamination on surfaces or skin.



    Fourth graders playing instruments have an added responsibility. Students are NOT allowed to go to the office

    to call home if they have forgotten their instrument. I will not let students call on my cell phone nor will I DOJO message parents

    for forgottten instruments. That's a habit we don't want to build. 



    Homework is given Mon-Thurs. On Friday, the homework is to read for fun over the weekend and to make sure the FRIDAY REVIEW/NEWSY NOTE

    is signed by a parent and returned INSIDE the FRIDAY FOLDER which will be passesd in on Monday Morning.

    No one will be allowed to call home for forgotten assignments. Missed homework will be noted on the Friday Review.

    On the Friday afternoons when we have  "Catchup & Relish" (Free 20 minutes of extra down time for those who have completed ALL assignments for the week), those students who are missing assignments can "catch up" at that time while the rest of the class "relishes" some free time. 



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