• Welcome Rifenburg Rockets!

    We are going to have a wonderful year exploring and learning together. Below you can find our daily homework.

    To the left are links to sites you can practice skills/content.

    Supply List - 2018 - 2019

     Special: tomorrow is Day 3 - P.E.


    Reading -  Read 20 minutes each day

    Spelling - sort and paragraph in packet / Test on Tues

    Math - xtra math

    Language Arts/Writing - If you didn't finish your Space Trash summary, do so. 

    Science - 

    Social Studies - 


    Xtra Math


    Spelling Sentences 

    Sentences you should practice for nights we do sentences. 

    *You can wait until we learn the skill in class before practicing it. : )

    DIALOGUE with Tuck-in action

    Simile/Metaphor/One-Upping a Simile/


    1. While my mother portioned out the ice cream for our dessert, I grabbed the toppings out of the cabinet.

    2. It took all the gumption in the world to admit I had failed my science test, but it was the right thing to do.

    3. "Are you ready for the secret mission?" the FBI agent called, while lowering the rope from the helicopter. 

    4. My hair was so frizzy that it looked like I had put my finger in an electric socket. 

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