• Welcome to the Vail Farm Art Studio,

    where the students are artists

    and the classroom is their studio!

    We are entering another exciting year as we learn about the artistic process through choice-based art education. Based on the principles and practices of TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior), this student-centered environment allows children to initiate and develop their own art ideas. Students are given the skills, support, resources, space, and time to make independent decisions, using the art studio centers and materials as they see fit. 

    Choice-based art education regards students as artists and offers them real choices for responding to their own ideas and interests through the making of art.

    Choice-based art education supports multiple modes of learning and assessment for the diverse needs of all our students. A choice art studio is a differentiated learning room. With each artist working on their own idea, the tendency to compare themselves to others is essentially diminished.

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Advocacy for choice-based Art by Arlington's Elementary Artists

  • Watch Arlington students from every elementary school share with you what they love about choice-based art. 

    Video created by Arlington's art educator, the talented Katherine Thyberg!

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Chinese-Born Artist Ma Li Makes Treasure from Trash | KQED Arts

  • We are excited to introduce the Recycled Scuplture Center this year at Vail Farm! More information to come, but in the meantime...

    Watch KQED Close Up

    Chinese-Born Artist Ma Li Makes Treasure from Trash

    Click to view the KQED Art website for more videos and information about art.

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KQED Art: Elements of Art 7 videos series

  • Watch Elements of Art: 7 video series.

    The following videos cover 7 key elements of art from the KQED Arts program.

    Click to view the KQED Art website to learn more about art.

    Click on the  icon in the video to go to the 7 video's website.

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American director and stop-motion animator PES

  • Adam Pescapane, aka PES, is an Oscar and Emmy-nominated American director and stop-motion animator.


    Check out “Fireworks,” a stop-motion short by PES, cleverly using food items!



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