Mrs. Alyson Schank

    Vail Farm Physical Education


    Physical Education Philosophy

    It is my pleasure to welcome you to Vail Farm Elementary School's physical education program! 

    I'm excited about teaching your child physical education this year.  The goal of our physical education program is to create a space where students develop and work on physical skills of movement and team work. 

    The best way you can support your child's learning in physical education class is by making sure they are wearing sneakers for class.  Please encourage your child to be physically active outside of school. There are a lot of great resources listed on the Vail Farm website's home page.  

    Physical Education Scope and Sequence

    Sept- Cooperative games, locomotor skills & fitness intro.

    Oct- Ball rolling skills & bowling

    Nov- Underhand tossing, overhand throwing & catching

    Dec. Basketball dribbling skills


    Feb- Jump Rope &fitness concepts

    March- Striking skills

    April- Kidnastics (kid friendly gymnastics)

    May- Kicking skills

    June- Review and revisit skills from the year