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March 29 Now a Full Day of School for Arlington High School Students

This past year, New York State moved to an annual hourly attendance requirement for all schools. The minimum number of hours required at the high school level is 990. Due to two early dismissals, we have fallen below this minimum requirement at the high school.

Friday, March 29 is scheduled as a half day for professional development. In order to ensure that we meet the minimum of 990 hours, high school students will now have a full day of school on March 29. This change applies to the high school only. The other grade levels have not been impacted because their total instructional hours exceeded the minimum prior to the start of the school year. In contrast, the high school began the year right at the minimum.

Starting next year, our school year will be extended by one day. This will provide more of a cushion to ensure we meet our minimum hour requirement at all levels. In addition, we will be reviewing our early dismissal times prior to next year.