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Summer Bridge Program

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All incoming 9th grade students are invited to participate in this year’s Summer Bridge program. The Summer Bridge Program is aimed at assisting incoming 9th grade students to transition to high school during the summer of 2022. The emphasis will be on culture, climate, and habits of mind. The program will commence on Monday, August 29 (Day 1) with our Link Crew Orientation and will be followed by two days of engaging Summer Bridge activities! Summer Bridge will provide students with the opportunity to get to know their classmates and the school in a non-academic setting. The activity-filled sessions are intended to build relationships among freshmen, acclimate them to the building, and introduce them to some of the staff and upperclassmen.

The hope is for our 9th grade students to attend the Summer Bridge for three days. The program consists of an innovative and energizing interdisciplinary curriculum that gives new students the opportunity to see and understand the wide range of learning experiences they can expect at Arlington High School. Students have the benefit of spending time with their new peers in small group settings, familiarizing themselves with the AHS campus and its academic and social culture. Projects during Summer Bridge are interdisciplinary, collaborative, and multi-sensory, including artistic, physical, and scientific endeavors. In addition, students may gain access to their online school accounts and learn about the school’s technology and after-school activities. It is hoped that the Summer Bridge will result  in new friendships that will last throughout their four years at Arlington High School.