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Author Visit Promotes Positive Thinking

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Titusville librarian Mrs. McRae hosted an author visit for our 3rd graders. Jolitta Gholson and her husband Anthony are the authors of the self-published children's book series, Nylah Versus. They shared their book Nylah Versus Fear with our students on Friday, April 12. They read their book aloud and then asked students to draw a picture of their own fear and to think of the positive thoughts they can use to overcome those fears. 

Author visit
There are currently 5 books in the series. Each book focuses on an aspect of life that children struggle with daily. Nylah vs. Fear suggests using positive thoughts when encountering fear. Nylah vs Germs teaches strategies to avoid contagious illnesses. Nylah vs. Anger suggests techniques to use when facing frustration.

Nylan Vs. Fear

The Nylah books and descriptions at