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Reading and Talking About Books At Home

   Parents often wonder how to best to support and maintain their child's academic skills.  In one word- READ.    

   Having a consistent daily reading time will help to maintain your child's reading skills.  Twenty to thirty minutes of active reading time will allow your child to practice many of the skills we work on in school. This can also be broken into smaller bits of time throughout the day.

     No matter the age of your child, reading with an adult will always be beneficial.  Revisit old favorites, download Digital Public Library books, act out Reader's Theater plays, or listen and discuss Raz-Kids books together.  Reading recipes, project directions, and Lego manuals all count as reading as well. The simple act of daily reading will keep your child engaged and strengthen their academic skills. 

     On the side menu, you will also find a variety of passages with comprehension questions to go with them.