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Parent Drop Off and Pick Up


Parent Drop Off and Pick Up at Dismissal

1. Parents may drop their child off at the side door no earlier than 8:15 am. Parents will remain in their vehicles, pulling up as far as possible along the sidewalk (with the direction of Noxon Staff.) Once vehicles are stopped and in park, staff members will escort the children from the vehicle (while parents remain in the driver seat.) Students will be escorted to the cafeteria, where they will wait, with adult supervision, until school begins at 8:30 am. If your child is having breakfast at school, please drop him/her off as close to 8:15 as possible so they have  adequate time to eat their breakfast.

2. Parents who are picking up their child at dismissal (at 3:00 pm) should follow the

arrows to the rear of the school and organize in a single file line of cars until students

are dismissed. Please remain in  your vehicle and be prepared to show identification.

Each child will be walked to your vehicle by a staff member as you approach the gym

door. If your child sits in a booster seat, it is most convenient to have the seat located

on the right side of your car.  We ask that you  pull up to the dumpsters should you

need to assist your child with buckling their seatbelt.

3. Dismissal will begin at 3:00 pm. Dismissal usually lasts about 10-12 minutes.

4. We request that you do not pick up children early from school. Please do your best to schedule appointments after our school day ends. This is very important for the success of your child and highly requested by the classroom teachers.