• Dear Friends and Families, 

    Welcome to another exciting year at Titusville Intermediate School! We are elated to be welcoming all of our children and families.  

    We believe that every child can and will thrive in school and in life given the most nourishing environment; an environment that recognizes and acknowledges the individuality of each person. This includes who they are academically, socially, emotionally, and culturally.  

    Each child is a valued member of our school community and we seek to support them as a whole person. Part of that support is ensuring students have access to books, materials, and conversations that act as “windows, mirrors and sliding glass doors,” a concept coined by Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop. These types of resources and discussions reflect diverse identities and lived-experiences within our school community and world at large. It is our hope that students not only see themselves in diverse contexts and conversations, but that they have “windows” into experiences and identities that may be different from their own, reflecting the wonderfully diverse world we live in. This enables them to better make sense of the world around them.

    Exploring diversity fosters cultural respect and understanding, builds empathy in children, and often results in a greater respect and care for others, which in turn creates a community where all students feel welcomed, accepted, and valued. When children feel valued it bolsters their social emotional health, which allows them to focus on learning so that they can be as successful (in all of the ways) as possible. 

    As educators, we need to be receptive and adaptive to student concerns, questions, and interests. Our vision for the success of ALL students includes being open to the ever changing world in which we live. In the educational journey of our children we are partners. As we move forward in this endeavor, we welcome any questions that you may have along the way.

    Titusville’s Equity Mission Statement

    Titusville Intermediate School  is a community that celebrates and honors every unique individual member and the multifaceted experiences that they bring to the school.  Through education, discussion, and equitable implementation of school district policies, the Titusville Equity Team will ensure an inclusive, safe, and equitable environment for all in regards to: race, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, immigration status, gender, gender identity, ability, physical appearance, religion, culture, and ethnicity.  



    Contact Us:

    Email TISEquityTeam@acsdny.org