Local Assistance Plan


    The New York State Education Department has identified numerous schools in New York State as Local Assistance Plan (LAP) Schools.  Schools were identified because either they did not make Adequate Yearly Progress on state assessments for an accountability group for multiple years, or a subgroup’s performance was at or below a particular cut point for one school year.  The assessment data used to make this determination is available within the New York State Report Card available at:https://reportcards.nysed.gov/

    The Arlington School District is a district in “Good Standing” in terms of New York State Accountability status.  However, this school has been identified as needing academic improvement for a certain subgroup of students.  In accordance with Commissioner’s Regulations, a Local Assistance Plan is required.  The plan is a collaborative Diagnostic Self Review that outlines the practices that are in place, the action steps that will be taken to improve, a description of district resources to be used, and the professional development activities planned to support the implementation of the actions. 

    The Local Assistance Plan is available here

    Please contact the building principal with any questions or comments.