Welcome to Beekman Elementary School

  • We are the Beekman BEARS!  We strive every day to:


    Every month we hold whole-school meetings where we engage in mindfulness activities to learn how to calm our bodies and minds. We celebrate individual and group successes! We learn how to show kindness and use our WITS when faced with conflict. New students are introduced and welcomed to Beekman as the newest Beekman Bears!

    One way we encourage students to meet the B.E.A.R.S. expectations is by having the chance to earn BEAR PAWS! These are small yellow cards that students can receive when they are caught being brave, being empathetic, accepting resopnsibility, showing respect, and being safe in and around the school. Classes can accumulate their BEAR PAWS to earn special rewards like extra recess or time with a special guest. The screen in the main lobby shows how many BEAR PAWS classes have earned.

    Twice a month, Mr. Latvis holds grade-level meetings with each grade where he reads books and talks with students about other cultures, important events, and various school-related topics. Grade-level meetings are opportunities for students and Mr. Latvis to talk about how we can make a positive difference in our communities (family, school, town, and world).

    At Beekman, we encourage students to think of ways they can help those around them and make a difference. We ask them to do the right thing even when no one is looking. We help them learn from their experiences and improve every day. We strive to be Beekman BEARS in every way!