Student Safety

  • Anti-bullying resources and information

    The following links serve as resources to teachers, parents and students in order to help deal with bullying and peer victimization.  Together we can encourage students to make safe and positive choices when faced with peer conflict.  

    The WITS program brings together schools, families and communities to help elementary school children manage bullying and peer victimization. 

    WITS Bullying Prevention Program

    This website offers tips and webisodes to students and parents to help students when they are bullied. 

    Stop Bullying Now

    Games, activities, videos and real-life stories will help offer students information and tips if they are being bullied or see friends being bullied. 

    Pacer Center's Kids Against Bullying

    This website includes an internet safety guide for parents.  Tips and guides are available to help children safely navigate cyberspace. 

    Wired Kids

    The National Association for School Psychologists offers bullying facts and advice to schools and parents on the topic of prevention.

    Bullying Fact Sheet for Schools and Parents