Kindergarten Literacy

  • Phonics and Handwriting

    The children will be exposed to early literacy concepts, phonological and phonemic awareness, letter knowledge, letter/sound relationships, rhyming, blending, segmenting, spelling patterns, high frequency words and word meaning.  

    Throughout the year we will be using the following two programs, Fundations and Heggerty.

    Readers Workshop/Writers Workshop

    Our focus in the beginning of the year will be to establish ourselves as readers and writers; understand and demonstrate that everyone has something to share; learn and follow procedures/routines and teach and foster positive work habits. All reading and writing lessons are Lucy Calkin's and are aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards.

    Readers Workshop

    Throughout the year, the children will listen and respond to stories, engage in thoughtful peer conversations, formulate opinions and predictions, learn to use their voice to share thoughts, ask questions about stories, retell key components and characters of a story and to sequence a story (beginning-middle-end). The children will be exposed to fiction, non-fiction, patterns books, poems and letters.

    Writers Workshop

    During the course of the year, the children will learn that print carries meaning and can be organized to create a story. The children will also write to tell their readers stories (fiction, non-fiction) about a topic. Emphasis will be placed on how to politely share and provide feedback to a writing partner. The children will learn how to write the following genres: personal narrative (real-true stories), how-to, all about, persuasive and opinion writing.

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