• You belong in the Parent Teacher Association... and so do your relatives, neighbors and friends... Spread the word!

    For less than 3 cents a day, you can become a member of the Overlook Public School & Titusville Intermediate School PTA (OPSTISPTA). The number one reason to join the PTA is to benefit your child. In doing so, you also help your school!

    Here are some other reasons to get involved:

    - We make a difference. Our goal is to create a school community where teachers and administrators can do their best work and so can our children. 

    - We pledge to honor your time. We understand that your time is valuable and although we would love to see you at every meeting, we want to let you know that you do NOT have to attend meetings or volunteer. 

    - We have fun. We don't take ourselves too seriously and we try to enjoy every meeting and event as much as possible. 

    - We are welcoming. To us, there are no "outsiders." We are people who come together to work toward common goals.

    - We do rewarding work. Seeing the bright light of learning sparkle in a child's eye is everything! Their smile that shows we're making school a little more fun and they feel a little more comfortable in a learning environment makes every effort worthwhile.


    To join, fill out the membership form and send it into school with your payment. Please contact us with any questions or concerns!

Membership Forms