Social Skills: Think it or Say it

  • Social skills are fun to watch and practice.  Talk about the students in the video.  Talk about what they are doing. Talk about how they are feeling.  Try to role play the students that you watched in the video.  Try to think of other options that you could try.  Social skills are an important part of the day! 

Making Connections

Think it or Say it

Seeing Someone Else's Side

Suggestions for when viewing videos...

  • Try to sing along and do the actions in the video.  Think of new ideas and do/sing your new ideas.  What are you doing? What are you doing? I'm reading.  I'm eating. I'm dancing. I'm riding my bike.

Perfect Together

  • Perfect Together

    Have fun with verbal reasoning! 

    Try to remember words from the song and try to think of new ideas too!!!

    If you were the popcorn then I would be the movie!!!

    If you were the _____ then Iwould be the _______!!!