• Do I need to call the school to let the teacher know that my child is absent?

    No, it is not usually necessary to call the office to announce an absence. You must send in a written explanation of absence on the day that he/she returns stating the dates of the absence and the reason for the absence.

    Can I get homework if my child is absent?

    Yes. Call the main office by 9:30 AM to request homework for your absent child. This gives the teacher enough time to get the assignment and materials together. Homework can be sent home with another student or picked up at 3:10 PM in the main office.

    What happens if school closes early due to inclement weather?

    If school must be dismissed due to inclement weather, Elementary Schools willclose at 11:30 AM. Morning kindergarten students will ride home on buses according to the normal daily afternoon schedule and will be dropped off at regular school bus stops, not at their homes. All students will go to the destinations indicated on their emergency cards. Please confirm with Vail Farm Elementary a single emergency drop off location. Please discuss this plan with your children.

    Will parents be notified of early dismissal, closings, or delays?

    Vail Farm alerts parents of early dismissal, snow closings and other very important information via School Messenger. Parents must keep the school updated whenever there is a change of phone number. There are a variety of sources of information for school delays, closings, and early dismissals including: Website: www.arlingtonschools.org; www.cancellations.com

    Radio stations: WPDH 101.5 FM; WHUD 100.7 FM; WSPK 104.7 FM; WBNR 1260 AM; WRWE 107.3 FM.

    Television: WRNNTV

    Central Office Hotline: 486-4450 option #8.

    I have to change my address and/or phone number.

    Change of address forms can be found on the Arlington Schools website.  Call Central Registration at 227-1821 to change addresses and/or phone numbers.

    I need to pick up my child who normally rides the bus. What should I do?

    Please send a note addressed to your child's teacher. Include the date, what time you will be here to pick up your child, or who other than yourself will be here to pick up your child. The teacher then informs the office and your child's name is added to the pick up list. Early dismissal is at 3:10 PM. Wait in the lobby until the announcements are made. Proceed to the cafeteria to retrieve your child. Be prepared to provide identification to the check out person.

    I forgot to send a pick up note to school. What should I do?

    You may fax your forgotten pick up note to 845-350-4150. In extreme cases, you may call the office. We will add your child's name to the list. You must then bring a note to the main office prior to getting your child from the cafeteria. Please do not make last minute changes involving pick up and transportation arrangements by telephone on a regular basis. The office makes every effort to accommodate all of our students’ different needs. Last minute changes can create confusion.

    Lost and Found Items

    We have a lost and found collection of clothing, lunch boxes and all sorts of great and sometimes expensive items. Virtually every item in our box has no name on it. Sometimes your child remembers to come looking for their lost items. We encourage parents and children to go through the box frequently even when they don't know that they are missing things. Unclaimed items are donated to the less fortunate in the Hudson Valley.