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    Students should be doing the following while school is not in session:


    1)  Read daily in their historical fiction book report.


    2)  Work on any of the review packet material that was sent home. 


    Please let me know if you need anything from me in terms of clarification.





    Homework for the Following Date:  3/17/2020


    Independent Reading:  Students should be reading 30 minutes per night (often working with their Book Report book would be best).



    Group 1 -  Sort 7

    Group 2 - Sort 39

    Group 3 - Sort 36


    Spelling Assignment for Week: 


    Monday - Cut words, sort words, alphabetize words, re-write words within sort.

    Tuesday - Second page of current week's unit.

    Wednesday - Either 3/4/5 times each or 10 sentences.

    Thursday - Spelling Pre-Test in class.

    Friday - Quiz in class.


    Math: Chapter 8 (Dividing Fractions).  Pages 515-516.

    Reading:   Literature Groups are being held every day.  We are working with Reading Passages for ELA.  

    Writing:   Persuasive Essay Unit has been started.  Article 5 of 7 completed.


    Social Studies:  Maya Unit, Aztec Unit and inca Unit have been completed.

    Science:  Human Body is the current unit.  Digestive System continues in class.

    StoryWorks:  March/April issue.  2/5 stories completed so far.

    Book Report: Historical Fiction Book Report is due Thursday, April 30th.  Please email if you need a new set of report instructions.

    Handwriting Without Tears:  Students should be up through page 64.

    Miscellaneous (1): 

    Miscellaneous (2):