Student Registration

  • Central registration is open for summer appointments. Registration is by appointment only.

    Students are assigned to a school based on the attendance zone where they reside. Please see our Street Listing to determine which school your child will attend or call Central Registration for more information. 

    Please don't wait until the end of August to register your child for school, as we will not be able to guarantee that your child will be able to start on the first day of school. The registration process and all required forms must be completed before your child can begin attending school. 

    Phone: (845) 227-1821
    Fax: (845) 227-8022



Incoming Kindergarten Resource Kit

  • Welcome to Kindergarten! Incoming kindergarten students will be receiving a resource kit to help them develop and strengthen several key skills during the months leading up to the first day of kindergarten. 

    In this video, teacher Laura Oliver talks about various strategies for using the resource kit.