i-Ready Information

  • As you may know, Arlington has partnered with Curriculum Associates to provide our district with i-Ready, an online program for reading and mathematics that will help your student’s teacher(s) determine your student’s needs, personalize their learning, and monitor progress throughout the summer and school year. The i-Ready Diagnostic is an adaptive assessment that adjusts its questions to suit a student’s needs, and i-Ready Personalized Instruction consists of lessons based on a student’s individual skill level and needs.

    The i-Ready Diagnostic is being performed during May and early June with all students in grades K-8. In-person learners will complete this assessment in class with their teachers, and fully remote students will complete this assessment at home according to their teacher’s schedule. We held an At Home i-Ready Diagnostic Information Session for fully remote learners on May 5.  

    Once students complete the diagnostic assessment as assigned by their teachers, they will have access to the lessons in their personalized learning path, called My Path. This learning resource is available to students to use independently throughout the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year and summer. Students and families will also receive a scale score viewable in the student dashboard.  The district will use this data to get an overall sense of district performance. In the fall, students will take the i-Ready Diagnostic again, and teachers will participate in professional learning focused on the data analysis, reports, and instructional options available within this program. More detailed information about student performance will be available to parents in the fall.  Access to the i-Ready Personalized Instruction component will be available through at least the end of the 2021-2022 school year. It is our intention to continue to utilize the i-Ready Diagnostic over time to provide a consistent data point to evaluate both growth and achievement for our students.

    To learn more about i-Ready, please visit their Family Center. The Family Center is also available in Spanish - just go to the Family Center and click on español, or go directly to the Spanish version of the Family Center. There are also family resources available in multiple languages available in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Mandarin), Haitian Creole, Hmong, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Samoan, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Urdu, Vietnamese, and Yupik.

    We look forward to partnering with you as we continue to support your child’s learning. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

    Dr. Sal Contes, Director of Instructional Services-Grades K-12 
    John Orcutt, Director of Secondary Operations-Grades 6-12 
    Jennifer Hammond-King , Director of Elementary Operations-Grades PreK-5 
    Michael Kealy, Director of Innovative Technology

At Home i-Ready Diagnostic Information Session for Fully Remote Learners