Preschool Special Education

  • The Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE)

    The Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) is responsible for identifying preschool students with
    disabilities (around ages 3-5 years old) and recommending special education services to eligible students. A
    preschool student with a disability is one who, as determined by an individual evaluation, exhibits a significant
    delay or disorder in one or more functional areas related to cognitive, language and communication, adaptive,
    social-emotional, or motor development which adversely affects the student’s ability to participate appropriately in

    The Special Education Process involves five steps:

    1. Initial Referral for Special Education Services and registration in the Arlington Central School District.
    2. Individualized Evaluation Process through parent selected, state approved, preschool evaluator.
    3. Initial Eligibility Determination Meeting held by the CPSE.
    4. Individualized Education Plan developed and recommended at CPSE meeting.
    5. Annual Review to determine functional level and/or services.

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  • Preschool Special Education Registration Packet

    Per your interest in requesting that your child be referred to the Committee on Preschool Special Education, your preschool child must be registered with the Arlington Central School District before your request for referral can be processed. 

    Please download a registration packet including registration forms and a letter detailing the documents you will need to provide.

    Please call Debbie Lynch in the preschool special education office at 845-486-4494 x 20200 or email at to provide your child’s name, date of birth, parent/guardian name, address and contact information. We will send you additional forms specific to the Preschool Special Education Program. 

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  • Preschool Special Education Transportation Policy

    Bus transportation is provided to children who are authorized by their school district to attend a Center-based Program. Transportation is only provided for children who are enrolled in a part-time (2.5 hour) or full-time (5.5 hours) Special Class (SC) or a Special Class Integrated Setting (SCIS).

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  • Referrals / Physician Orders / Recommendations for Services or Evaluations

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