Automated Negative Balance Call

  • ImageProper nutrition is an integral part of the educational process, and the Arlington Food Service Department encourages each student to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch every day.  If your child does not have money in our computerized lunch account system and did not bring a lunch from home, we will offer your child the menu lunch of the day and debit the cost to the student’s lunch account.  That same evening the following automated message will be sent home:

    Hello.  This automated call from the Arlington School Lunch office has been triggered due to a negative balance in your child’s school lunch account.  At the end of serving today, (child's name) owes (amount) for food purchased.  To replenish funds to this school lunch account, you may send cash or a check with your child to school, or you may choose to add money on-line.  More complete information can be accessed through the district website,, or by calling 845-486-4491.  If you wish to hear this message again, please press the star key now.  Thank you.

    To avoid getting this phone call, we suggest you set up an account at, our on-line payment system. You will have the option to send yourself an email when your child's school lunch account starts to get low, as well as being able to review your child's recent purchases.

    If you do not wish to receive automated low balance calls, regardless of your child's account balance, you can opt out of these calls by visiting your SchoolMessenger Contact Manager account.  Simply "unclick" the Food Services box.