• Looking to join the Arthur S. May PTA? Join online (there is a small processing fee) or fill out the membership form here and send in payment as directed. 

    Why join now?

    The PTA needs your voice now, more than ever! These are challenging times, but we can make them better together. The PTA needs everyone's ideas and perspectives to fully represent and work for the good of all ASM students, parents, teachers, and staff.

    Do you have an idea about how to move a beloved school event online? A concern that maybe the PTA could help address? Something you wish the PTA did but you've never suggested it? An idea for something we could do for our children, teachers, or parents to make this unusual year a little easier? We need to hear from you!

    If you can support the PTA through direct donation, that would be great, too -- but it's not a requirement by any means. The $4 annual membership fee is all the money you ever have to give.

    The ASM PTA:

    Awards over $5,000 in grants annually to Arthur S. May teachers for equipment, tools, books, and experiences that enrich student learning.

    Brings the arts into our school with Arts in Education enrichment programs: 

    • Tanglewood Marionettes, K-5th
    • Lorraine H. Hartin-Gelardi, Author, 3rd Grade
    • Dance Residency, 5th Grade
    • Book Making, 2nd Grade
    • Dance/Music Residency, K-1st
    • Sharpe Reservation Field Trip, 4th Grade
    • The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Eric Carle Favorites performance at The Bardavon, K
    • Mad Science Guy, K-5
    • Liberty Science Center Field Trip, 5th Grade
    • Birds of Prey, 3rd Grade

    Provides opportunities for families to have fun together while exploring academics:

    • Family Science Night
    • Family Math and Games Night
    • Parade of Nations
    • One School, One Book
    • Reflections Independent Art program

    Builds community spirit with family events: 

    • Family Dance Night
    • Scholastic Book Fair family nights
    • Family Fun Night & student talent show
    • Movie nights & ice cream socials
    • Renegades baseball outings
    • Family nights at local restaurants

    Keeps you up to date on school happenings:

    • "This Week at ASM" email newsletter
    • Monthly "A.Mayzing News" newsletter
    • PTA Facebook page

    Provides advocacy for our school and families with representation and participation in:

    • Arlington Board of Education Meetings
    • Special Education PTA (SEPTA) Meetings
    • PTSA Council Meetings
    • Budget and School Closing Sessions

    Provides a forum for parents and school staff to work together on topics that are in the best interests of our children. 

    Please join your PTA today!

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